Ian Tone & Josh Miller TK Valkyrie 1944

Well folks, here we go again…only this time we’re jumping ship from Wargaming to Gaijin products with War Thunder.

Now, it is highly unusual for us to pick on someone other than Wargaming, but simple fact is nobody is playing World of Tanks or World of Warships anymore and nobody ever fucking played World of Warplanes, so we’re a bit hard pressed for material.

Not to worry! Our man in Istanbul, Valkyrie 1944, brings us a classic example of what I like to call “The Same Fucking Thing Happens Every Game”.

Now, to set this all up, Valkyrie was in his BV238 (a heavy German premium bomber). His first game out, he was hurled in with 3 other BV238’s, two of whom were platooned together. They were MonkeySquasher (Ian Tone) and Wolv324 (Josh Miller).

So Valkyrie tries to call a base, the two assholes Ian and Josh talk smack, then nose dive, take all the bases and then trash talk Valkyrie with all manner of “you suck” shit.

So the very next game they are all together again. IMMEDIATELY, Ian Tone (MonkeySquasher) starts trash talking Valkyrie again.

Now, to his credit, Valkyrie never says a word until the end. He just dives to try to get a base. That’s it. He never swerves, never fires his guns, never does a single thing.

They TK him for it.

So as Ian and Josh are shit talking, they actually start the game climbing. While they do that, Valkyrie and the other BV238 played by Black Ice start to dive for the bases.

Valkyrie and Black Ice dive while Ian Tone and Josh Miller climb

Now of course, at first, Ian is too busy shit talking and trolling to notice what’s happening, giving Valkyrie and Black Ice about a mile lead to the bases. Josh notices first and starts a hard dive to try to catch up. Ian notices a bit later and tries to catch up as well.

After more trolling and shit talk, Ian decides to start threatening Valkyrie with a team kill if he doesn’t specifically state which base he’s going to bomb…like it would make any fucking difference at all because it sure as hell didn’t the previous game.

And after opening fire, Ian blows Valkyrie to kingdom come.

Now, the reality of all of this is simple: Valkyrie was simply doing this game EXACTLY what they did the last game: diving in to take the bases before anybody else could get to them. It happens a lot in War Thunder where “calling” something doesn’t really mean shit – it’s whoever gets there first.

In the end, Ian was simply pissed off that Valkyrie got the jump on him and that this game Valkyrie was going to bomb the bases not him.

So he fucking Team Kills him. Like the dick he is. Fucking cock sucker. In fact, he’s the kind of cock sucker that I’ve decided deserves my “special” attentions. So let’s talk about my new buddy Ian Tone and his asshole fuck buddy Josh Miller, shall we?

Ian and Nicole Tone

1116 Escarpment Drive
Lewiston, NY 14092
Ian’s cell: 716-930-1197
Land Line: 480-857-7907
email: [email protected]

And here’s Ian Tone:

Ian Tone


Here’s his Facebook.
His Twitter.
His LinkedIn.

Primary Work:
American Medical Response – Western New York
481 William L. Gaiter Pkwy.
Buffalo, New York 14215
Phone: 716-882-8400
Website: http://www.amrwny.net/

Secondary Work:
Strong Tactics LLC
Website: https://www.strongtacticsllc.com/
Phone: 814-230-8262
Email: [email protected]

Now lets meet his partner in crime, Josh Miller

Josh S. Miller

17 Ridgecrest Ave
Latham, NY 12110

Now, Josh’s information is somewhat sketchy because he’s a loser. He’s never owned his own place, never bought his own cell phone, never actually owned anything at all. He got discharged from the military, moved back home, and has been leeching ever since.

About his best contribution is he is a volunteer firefighter at the Rapids Volunteer Fire Department. You can call them at 716-434-4502.

He’s the typical millennial: Never amounted to much, never will. Here he is:

Josh Miller

But of course, on the internet, HE’S A SUPERSTAR!!! He’s EVERYWHERE!!!

We’re going to leave his squeez Hannah, who poses every picture like she’s expecting a dick to be shoved in her face at any give second, out of this since she’s apparently had a very rough time of things being yet another in a very long line of millenial failures.

And for the finishing touch, just to show we didn’t take selective screen shots to prove our case, here is the entire game video from Ian’s point of view.


UPDATE 8/20/2019

So the turnip actually emailed me. Here’s the relevant meat and potato parts with my responses:

Subject: Re: Ian Tone / Josh Miller Post

From[email protected]
ToIan Tone
DateToday 07:35

But I think we need to have a conversation.

No. We don’t. As far as I’m concerned, the conversation was over the minute I hit POST on the article. I have had, do not have, nor will I ever have any need to talk to you again. This is actually the first, last and only correspondence you’ll ever get.

However, the private info needs to be taken down immediately, including names and photos.


First off, dumbass, it’s not private. You and your company of idiots posted everything in the public domain. Every single thing found and posted in that article was found via Google. So if you have a problem with someone, it should be yourself for being a complete idiot and posting all of your personal information online so it can be indexed by search engines and found anywhere in the world with a simple Google search.

Your continued attempts to stalk our social media for the purpose of releasing information to further your harassment and intimidation must cease.

Continued? You really are full of yourself, aren’t you? I haven’t looked at shit since the day I posted the article. If you had bothered to read it, I said very clearly: “(Save your time…I’ve already downloaded all of your images. You know. Keepsakes. 😉 )”

You are causing undue stress and mental anguish to my family and his family,

Wrong again. That is you two. You put everything out there for everybody to see. At no point was anything “private” revealed. It’s all available in the public domain, so you have nobody to blame but yourselves.

If the info is still up by 2300hr on August 20th 2019, there will be consequences. And you need only remember that game to realize that I do not bluff.

Neither do I. Give it your best shot, pal, but take a look at this article: Meet the Assholes – Wargaming Employees

Now, of course Wargaming sent a team of lawyers after us for that one. Guess what? Go on, guess.

They fucking lost. Huge. Know why? Because they put EVERYTHING in the public domain. So go ahead and hire an attorney. He’ll gladly take your money, look at all the shit you’ve all put online and then he’ll tell you that you “can” sue, but you’ll lose. Huge. And I’ll make more money counter suing the shit out of you for my 325 dollar per hour attorney.

So go for broke, pal. Knock yourself out.

You and your team of idiots would be far better served to hire one of these: Guaranteed Removals

I’m sure you all can get a package deal that will take care of the problem quite well, and for far less money than your and my attorneys fees.

Have a nice day,
Thing 1

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